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About Us

Our team of talented professionals with years of experience in wide spectrum of multimedia and entertaintment products production lead in the field of game technology, software and VR solutions. The company includes high-end programmers, character and environment artists, concept artists and 3d modellers, level-artists, technical artists, lighting artists and other professionals.

  • 3D-models
  • Characters for game and corporates usage
  • Assets and animations for 3d movies
  • Educational programs
  • VR games for clubs and mass venues
  • VR applications of any complexity
  • AR applications for the corporate sector
  • Architectural visualization applications
  • Realtime instructions for products and systems

Company strives to be the best in what it does, using the most high-tech tools, with which it creates projects of the highest quality under the most popular gaming platforms at the moment – Windows, XBOX, PS4, Oculus, HTC Vive.




Partnership with InstaLOD

  Today we're happy to announce what we've started our partnership with InstaLOD  based in Stuttgart, Germany. This company makes amazing software (called by the same name) for working with…

Let’s Go! Skiing VR kicked off in VR clubs in China

In China, sports game from DGMA was launched. You can now get to know your skis and experience yourself in dozens of VR clubs throughout mainland China. DGMA is partnered…

DGMA becomes a partner of Plug In Digital

DGMA has partnered with Plug In Digital, one of the world's largest independent game distributors. The appearance of DGMA alongside such well-known market players as SNK, Raw Fury, Paradox, Konami,…